Below are the answers to our most common questions about window cleaning, exterior house washing, and solar panel cleaning.

Should I still get my windows cleaned if it’s about to rain?

It’s usually fine to still get your windows cleaned if it’s about to rain. The rain itself won’t make a clean window look any less clean, because rain is naturally distilled and doesn’t contain any of the minerals that leave marks on glass when the water droplets dry. I’ve expanded on this question more here.

Note: In countries where it rains a lot, Window Cleaners even clean windows in the rain! I don’t usually do this myself though because we have enough sunny days here on Sunshine Coast to make it a bit unnecessary.

What payment methods are accepted?

We accept cash or electronic transfer. Payment by credit card is not available at this time.

How often should windows be cleaned?

At GT Window Cleaning we offer a flexible cleaning schedule to meet your needs. On the Sunshine Coast we recommend at least a 6 monthly clean for exterior windows, but we find clients often choose to have their windows cleaned quarterly so they remain more acceptable between cleans. This of course varies based on location.